DSP Trainer Kit, PLC,Hydraulic, Pneumatic, LAN Trainer

    DSP Trainer Kit, PLC Trainer, Hydraulic Trainer, Pneumatic Trainer, LAN Trainer

  • PLC Trainer

    The PLC trainers are designed for use with manufacturers PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) programming software and also our Autogenic Programming and simulation packages. It comprises a compact PLC Trainer whose inputs and outputs are connected to switches and connectors which may be used in conjunction with our Hydraulic and Pneumatic Training systems. Kitek is leading PLC Trainer Maufacturer

  • Hydraulic Trainer

    Hydraulic Trainers are designed for the practical purposes of exercising the proportional technology uses in hydraulics. These allow the students to take an in-depth knowledge of working of hydraulics. The trainers have the good frame design that separates them from other models. While manufacturing Hyadraulic Trainer, we use premium grade components that proffer best quality performance. The materials are sourced from certified vendors available in the market. This design allows you to construct the trainer with the components you desire.

  • Pneumatic Trainer

    The basic principle of Electro Pneumatic Trainer is to study about pneumatic control used in various industrial applications. With the help of this system, a user can give details about the components of pneumatic Trainer control systems. Our team has engrossed it with premium quality material and checked it at every point.Kitek is best Pnuematic Trainer Exporter in india.

  • DSP Trainer Kit

    Digital Signal Processor(DSPis a technique that converts signals from real world sources (usually in analog form) into digital data that can then be analyzed. Analysis is performed in digital form because once a signal has been reduced to numbers; its components can be isolated, analyzed and rearranged more easily than in analog form. We are leading Manufacturer of DSP Trainer.DSP applications are becoming more prevalent in everyday use. Because of this widespread usage and advances in computer technology, the DSP Trainer Kit themselves are being subjected to more demanding specifications. We are Manufacturer of DSP Trainer Kit.

  • LAN Trainer

    LAN Trainer - is a flexible lab framework that supplements courses on PC systems and LANs. Created by Benchmark Electronic Systems as a team with IIT-Madras, the LAN-T opens clients to systems administration ideas at the physical, MAC, system and transport layers through a precisely composed arrangement of tests.
    The LAN-T is a hardware and software based product. Emulation of nodes, topologies, etc., are implemented in a combination of hardware, firmware and software to emulate a real network environment. All the network layers can be implemented in the software. This arrangement gives more freedom to try out various protocols and layers, in the network, and study their behavior.

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