p, pi, pid controller simulatior trainer
  • Simulated blocks like dead time, integrator, time constant, error detector and gain.
  • Square & Triangle source of 1V p-p (min) at 40Hz.
  • On-board PID set value constants using potentiometer.
  • Built-in 3 1/2 digit DVM for DC measurements.
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linear system simulatior trainer
  • Simulated first, second and third order system of type-0 and type-1
  • Calibrated variable gain amplifier (Resolution 1:1000)
  • Square & Triangle source of 45-90Hz
  • Uncommitted amplifier for phase adjustment.
  • Provision for disturbance inputs.
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potentiometric error detector
  • High quality servo-potentiometers of 360° shaft rotation.
  • Built-in signal and power sources.
  • 3 1/2 digits DVM for measurements.
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synchro transmitter & reciever
  • Synchro transmitter-receiver pair with calibrated dials
  • Locking system for receiver rotor
  • Receiver use as control transformer
  • Built-in balanced demodulator circuit
  • Panel meter for ac/dc voltages.
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temperature controller trainer kit
  • Temperature controller with facilities for P. I, D and relay control blocks.
  • Operating temperature: Ambient to 90° C.
  • Separate controls for P, I, D channel gains.
  • Fast 25W oven fitted with IC temperature sensor.
  • Digital display of set and measured temperature on 3 1/2 digit built-in DVM.
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temperature sensor trainer
  • Study of 4 different temperature transducers - NTC thermistors, RTD Platinum, K(Cr-Al) thermocouples, IC temperature sensors.
  • Study & comparison of Temperature transducer controlled alarm system
  • Instrumentation amplifier, add on amplifier : X1, X100, X235
  • Digital meter: Actual/Set temp/mv
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relay control system trainer
  • Square & Sine source of Frequency: 10, 20, 40, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1000Hz
  • Simulated 2nd order linear plant. Facility for displaying x and x signaling.
  • Dead zone variable from 0-600mV.
  • Hysteresis variable from 0-500m
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dc motor speed control trainer
  • Speed control of a 12V, 4W permanent magnet d.c. motor.
  • Speed range: 0 to 3000 rpm (typical)
  • Opto-interrupter based speed sensing.
  • Electronic tachogenerator for feedback.
  • 4-digit speed display in rpm & 3 1/2 digit DVM for signal measurements.
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compensation design trainer
  • Square & Sine source of 25Hz to 800Hz
  • Simulated 'uncompensated' system having adjustable damping.
  • Built-in variable gain amplifier & is adjustable from 1 to 11.
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stepper motor study trainer
  • Signal stepping and free running modes of operating with speed variation and direction reversal using internal TTL circuit.
  • 360° motion Servo-Potentiometer position-pickup for motor dynamics.
  • Operation through microprocessor kit-sample control programs provided.
  • Stepper motor of Torque 3 Kg-cm with Step angle of 1.8°.
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digital control system trainer
  • Built-in D/A and A/D circuit (8-bit)
  • 8085 based uP-kit as digital controller with user software in 8K EPROM.
  • 16-bit arithmetic for algorithm calculations.
  • 16 built-in levels of p. I and D gain each.
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ac servomotor study trainer
  • 2-phase a.c. servomotor - 12V/50Hz per phase.
  • Small generator for loading.
  • 4-digit speed display, 3-digit time constant display.
  • 3 1/2 digit r.m.s. voltmeter & d.c. panel meter.
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dc position control trainer
  • Position control of a 12V, 1A d.c. gear motor (50rpm)
  • Provision for positive and negative tachogenerator feedback.
  • Tacho constant: 2V/ 1000 rpm approximately.
  • Calibrated dials for reference and output position: resolution 1°.
  • UP based waveform capture card.
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ac position control trainer
  • 2-phase servomotor 12V/ phase, 50Hz, 10W.
  • Power amplifier.
  • Servo potentiometer type error detector.
  • In-built 10.00V (rms) panel meter.
  • uP based waveform capture card.
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light intensity control system trainer
  • Light Sensor
  • Built-in 31/2 digital DVM.
  • Seven lamps 6V/300mA.
  • 5Hz square and triangular wave for dynamic response study.
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magnetic amplifier trainer
  • Two saturable reactors in one frame
  • 2 Rectifiers
  • Fixed Resistive load
  • DC bias voltage,One potentiometer
  • Two digital meters
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