Founded in 2005, Kitek offers an extensive range of equipment to teach electrical & electronics engineering principles and applications. Kitek produces, learning teaching resources in the form of hardware software that are used by schools, colleges, universities and industrial training organizations around the world.

We offers curriculum and laboratory training systems covering the fields of electricity and electronics, telecommunications, digital electronics, Analog electronics, Control & Instrumentation, information technology, process control, technology education, consumer sciences and project-based learning. Our products are designed by experienced educationalists who are committed to producing high quality teaching material.

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Digital/Analog Trainer Kit | Basic Electronics Trainer Kit | Signal Generator | EPBAX CDMA Trainer Kit | Scientific Equipment |Electrical Machine Trainer | Trainer | Power Supply | Board
| Function Generator |Electronic | IC Tester | EPROM Programmer | | Microprocessor Trainer Kit | Microcontroller Trainer Kit | Instruments and Equipments | Laboratory Suppliers |Embedded Development Board | VLSI Trainer Kit | Interface and Study Cards |
| Communication Trainer Kit | Fibre Optics Trainer Kit | Instrumentation, LVD Trainer Kit | Sensor Trainer Kit
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