Kitek Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Rectifiers Trainer Kit in Navi Mumbai. Rectifiers trainer kit is a complete set that consists of a step-down transformer of various taping with four diodes fitted on board for bridge connection with necessary terminals. All terminals are special Push to Open Hole type and a circuit can be connected with bare Hookup wire a filter section provided with one Inductor and two electrolytic capacitors. Complete with variable load resistance and one AC voltmeter in dual range for measuring input AC supply voltage and ripple voltage. One DC voltmeter and one current meter are also provided on the panel.

The design of rectifiers trainer kit helps students to understand complete hardware in a very easy manner. The single rectifiers trainer kit usually contains many blocks. Power supply unit, power circuit unit, zero crossing dictator unit, controller unit, isolated triggering unit, current measurement unit. The units of rectifiers trainer kits usually vary depending upon its categories.

Low maintenance, stand-alone operations, and its compact design make rectifiers trainer kit.

Besides our quality manufacturing activities, we are providing Technical Training on Laboratory Practical to the Undergraduate and Post Graduate students of different Universities of Physics, Electronics, and Computer Science & B. At the same time, we are always updated by solving the problems faced by the students during their experiment and it also helps us to control the quality factor.

Rectifiers Trainer Kit are designed as well as developed keeping the rising preferences of clients in mind so that we can make them satisfied immensely. Modern technology has been adopted by our team to cope with the challenges prevailing in the industry and remain in accordance to the rising expectations of customers.