Microwave Trainer
Microwave test bench
  • Study of Reflex Klystron.
  • Study of Gunn Oscillator.
  • Dielectric Constant Measurement of Solid dielectrics & Liquid dielectrics.
  • Measuring the Polar pattern and Gain of Standard Gain Horn, Parabolic Dish Slotted Broad Wall, Slotted Narrow Wall Dielectric Antenna, Pyramidal Horn, E & H-Plane Sectoral Horn,Pick Up Horn.
  • Study of E-Plane, H-Plane & Magic Tees, Directional Coupler, Isolator, Circulator.
  • Measure Gain of Waveguide Horn Antenna.
  • Study of Fixed and Variable Attenuators.
  • Study of Multi-hole Directional Coupler.
  • Measurement in cavity resonator
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